With the consortium consisting of 1 (non-profit) Foundation, BIDEV from Türkiye and 2 Sport Clubs BK Klatovy from Czechia and SCS from Bulgaria; we are aiming to raise the capacities of the organizations by exchanging know-how and underlining how basketball can be used to support the social empowerment of young people from upbringing backgrounds. With the involvement and contribution of our distinguished partners from BG & CZ, the first step in the field of small-scale partnership which is highly valued.

- Basketball for Solidarity and Education Foundation aka BIDEV (Türkiye)

BIDEV is one of the new non-profit institutions founded by nationally and internationally well-known prominent persons to create social value and goodwill through and around basketball. BIDEV was established in 2020 to contribute to the development of Turkish basketball players through education and solidarity.

BIDEV’s vision is to be a leading NGO (non-governmental organization) that supports basketball workers who have contributed and continue to contribute to Turkish basketball. In line with this vision, BIDEV’s mission is to contribute to the growth of Turkish basketball players with high cultural and educational levels, loyal to the principles of the Republic, and beneficial to the country's basketball; to support trainers, referees, administrators, basketball writers and people who have contributed to basketball in Turkey through social assistance and solidarity.


- BK Klatovy (Czechia)

BK Klatovy (Registered as Civic Association – Sport Club) ranks among 4 largest basketball clubs in the Czech Republic. The club had 14 teams participating in official CBF competitions during 2017 – 18 season. The club´s main aim is to develop youth basketball from the very bottom of the age pyramid. At the moment there are 7 pre-basketball preparation programs at each school in Klatovy as well as in 3 surrounding towns – Janovice, Měčín and Švihov. In order to provide the highest level of coaching for its youth the club tries to involve as many former club´s players as possible to whom in turn it tries to provide the best available level of coaching education and preparation. Thanks to this approach the club has been able to raise the local talent to level of youth national teams, both boys and girls, and also few senior level league players. The club does not focus solely on numbers, wins and losses but we try to look at complex educational process of our players. We believe sport is an ideal way to familiarize youth with the concept of hard and patient work that always pays off in the long run.


- Sporten Klub Usmivka – SCSMILE (Bulgaria)

Sports club "Smile" (SCS) is a Bulgaria-based NGO whose activities are centered around the development and promotion of physical activity among youth. Sport Club “Smile” (SCS) was founded by Vladimir Iskrov in 2012. Its mission is to "promote a healthy lifestyle and improve health, physical fitness, psychological and longevity of the nation by systematic physical activity and sport for everyone." The club organizes a regular program of basketball/sports camps in Bulgaria, Serbia and Italy for young people from across Europe. It provides opportunities for youngsters to participate in a multicultural camp, with the opportunity to learn from different cultures, improve language skills and make friends. SCS targets disadvantaged youth members who find themselves in this condition due to different social, geographic and financial bases.

The club delivers projects and programs that use basketball as a means of enhancing social integration in local communities. The club's social integration activities aim to provoke a positive emotional impact in participants, particularly young people, that provides a focus for their positive energy and helps them to develop as good citizens and positive role models within their communities.


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